Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Webcomic #013c: Story

"It ends tonight, Vampire Lord!" exclaims the Silver Werewolf, in the shadow of the clock tower that houses the Big Ben bell.

"I suppose you want a fair fight," sighs the Vampire Lord, transforming into an equally anthropomorphic wolf.  "Hadouken!" he shouts, throwing the first punch.

"Sonic Boom!" declares Silver, with a punch to the vampire's throat.  With the upper hand, the werewolf (appropriately) goes for the vampire's jugular.

"Help me, Justine..." begs the bleeding vampire.

"I don't think so," she says at first.  Then she remembers what Deus ex Webcomica told her last week, in 1912:  You must sacrifice your friends and yourself.

"I'm sorry, Silver," she sadly says, shooting the werewolf with this plot Twist!

"Why?" he asks, not expecting to hear an answer.

Turning to the surprised vampire, Justine offers herself to him:  "Drink up, sucker."

Draining the woman of her blood, the Vampire Lord senses that this has been a trap all along.  "I feel strange..."  Truly the sucker, the vampire becomes human!

To Be Continued...

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