Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Webcomic #013b: Italian

"It seems like the Universe doesn't want me to learn Italian," hypothesizes the Silver Werewolf.

"That is ridiculous," scoffs the Vampire Lord.

"My order for a discounted Pimsleur course was canceled due to it being out of stock."

"Pay full price, you cheapskate!" admonishes the vampire, now in werewolf form.

"I bought a multilingual pronunciation guide, and the Italian pages are missing!"

"Weird," the vampire wolf admits.

The furry fighters continue their epic mortal combat.

"Try it one more time; you have free will!" the Vampire Lord encourages his opponent.

"I think I will defy the fates!" replies an encouraged Silver.

"I can't let you do that," declares Justine, supporter of a determinist point of view (of sorts).

Fate! says the Magical Shotgun, as it fires into the werewolf.

Justine and the Vampire Lord are in each other's arms.  "We tricked him!" he says, triumphantly, sucking the blood from the human-human.

"Again with the hands?"  She's not that kind of human-human, apparently.

"My apologies, again."

We do not know what happens to our drained heroine.  Does she die?  Does she turn into some sort of ghoul?  We do know that the (ex?-)Vampire Lord has changed, somehow.

Or was I the one who was tricked? he suspects.  TO BE CONTINUED...

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