Monday, December 28, 2009

Webcomic #013a: Chocula

"I recently saw that Van Helsing movie from 2004," the Silver Werewolf says to his opponent, the Vampire Lord.

"That movie flattered neither werewolves nor vampires," the Vampire Lord replies, removing his clothes before transforming into a vampire wolf.  "Their Dracula looked like Count Chocula.  Blah."

"I liked that werewolves could kill Dracula," the werewolf says, punching the vampire in the throat.

"That is not going to happen," the vampire promises.  After the wolf's attempt to drain the vampire of blood fails, the Vampire Lord affirms his claim:  "See?"

"Friar Faramir and Frankenstein's Monster were the best parts of the movie," the wolf says of this not-classic-but-okay-for-a-2004-effects-driven-action-movie.  "They deserve their own movie.  A buddy film, perhaps."

Betrayal? asks the Magical Shotgun, as Justine shoots the Silver Werewolf, and not the Vampire Lord.

She willingly gives herself to her enemy, who sucks her blood.  "Your hands, Grabby," she says to the Vampire Lord, whose left hand is getting some boob-age.

"Sorry," he says, transforming back not only to humanoid form, but to humanity itself.  His red eyes turn into green pupils.  His pointed ears round out.  His sharp fangs become dull.  Stubble grows on his previously undead face.  What's happening?

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