Thursday, December 24, 2009

Webcomic #012d: Winter Holidays

"Virtually all of these December holidays deal with good triumphing over evil, light conquering darkness, and the warmth of the sun fighting back the cold of winter," Justine casually observes.

"Do you really want to compare religious observances with a priest?  Similar rebirth deities and their birthdays?  Humanity's will to survive during the Northern Hemisphere's cold winter?" the reptilian humanoid replies, appearing (but not really) offended.

"Not really," she says, fading away into the cosmos.
"I find it interesting," I say.  After all, this is my webcomic, and my rules apply here.

"You do?"

"Understanding and effectively using mythological, theological, and cultural tropes are essential for good storytelling."

"Wouldn't that be cliche?"

"Perhaps, but you must connect with your audience before you subvert the details."

"Sounds like you should follow your own advice."

"Possibly, or I can just blast you with lightning."

End of imaginary conversation.  Happy Christmas Eve, everybody (among other relevant holidays)!

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