Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Webcomic #012c: Fast Food Tacos

"Fast food tacos are the ultimate road trip food," declares the Last Human-Human on Earth to her priestly reptilian humanoid companion.

"What about cheeseburgers?" he asks.

"No, hamburger patties are no good when they are no longer warm," she replies, fading away from 2009.

"Taco meat is good at whatever temperature," Justine says near the Triangulum Galaxy.  "That's what she said," she tells herself.

At a dining room aboard the Titanic, Justine asks a server, "Do you 1912 people serve some fast food tacos?"

Taco! shoots her magical shotgun.  No one is freaked out about a shooting, talking gun.  Hmm...

Unaware of the existence of both fast food and tacos, the server replies, "No, and we've just hit an iceberg!"

While waiting for rescue, Justine thinks out loud, "A taco would be good in the middle of the cold North Atlantic."

"Jack..." says an exhausted Rose.

"Rose..." says a sinking Jack.

Transported back to 2009, in warmer waters, Rose says, "That's what she said."  After all, taco can be a double entendre.

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