Monday, December 21, 2009

Webcomic #012a: LibriVox-mas Music!

"You absolutely have to download Christmas Carol Collection 2009 from LibriVox!" declares the reptilian humanoid, who happens to also be a priest.  Or is that the other way around?

"I'll do so right away!" excitedly responds Justine.  Unfortunately, she starts to glow, then fade away.  "I guess not," she laments.

Transcending the cosmos, Justine asks out loud:  "Where am I?"

She appears in a different time and place.  "Or is it, when am I?"

"When?  1912," I respond, being the Deus ex Webcomica of this pocket universe.  "Where?  The RMS Titanic."  The ship hits an iceberg, and the rest is history.  "By the way, stereo versions of my Christmas carols are available at!" I inform Justine, who's floating in the cold ocean.

"There are no MP3s in 1912!" she reminds me.  Very well, I'll have to send her back to 2009.

In warmer waters, in the present, the Last Human-Human on Earth says, "Now I can start downloading!"

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