Thursday, December 17, 2009

Webcomic #011d: Light My Candles in a Daze

After escaping the vampires in the Los Angeles area amphitheatre, Justine and the priestly reptile drive to the state line between California and Nevada.  "The shot pierced her heart.  Bullets don't harm the Vampire Lady," expresses the vexed woman.

The reptilian humanoid ponders the problem.  He soon comes up with a solution:  "We need to find the Creator."  He continues his declaration of faith:  "He'll know what to do."

They make their way to Chicago, but Justine doubts the reptile of faith's plan.  "This is not possible.  They haven't done this on Supernatural yet, either."

The reptile asks the bystanders if they think his plan is possible.  "Do you think this is possible, ladies?"

The female werewolves, in daylight-human form, reply:  "It's possible."

In Canada, Justine wants the reptile to clarify his plan and their road trip.  "You're telling me that we have to find God."
In New York, the reptile realizes that they are talking about the same topic, but the definitions they use for the words are dissimilar, thus creating confusion.  "No, no, no.  You misunderstand," he says.  "We're not looking for God-God, just the Creator of this Webcomic's pocket universe."

The two make their way to a beach at the Atlantic Ocean, looking for me (apparently).  "Where do we find this 'Creator'?" asks the Last Human-Human on Earth (in that Pocket Universe).

Holding a copy of Facebook (where he gets these physical hardcover books, I do not know), the reptile declares, "He is here."  That, I am.

"'Sup?" asks Deus ex Webcomica, err...yours truly.

"Not much.  I'm just sore from the long drive," she says.

"That's what she said," I say.

???  She is confused.

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