Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Webcomic #011c: Southern Hemisphere Holiday Season?

"You know who gets a raw deal during the December holidays?" Justine asks her priest companion, who happens to be a reptilian humanoid.

"Non-religious, anti-consumerists?" answers the padre.

"Perhaps, but really everyone who lives south of the Equator."


"Winter this, winter that. It's summer over there, you know."

"Technically, it's still springtime."  If it's still autumn in the North, then well...

"But who's dashing through the snow?" sympathetically asks the Last Human-Human.

Holding a hardcover copy of Wikipedia, the reptile guesses, "Mountain people, extreme south people..."

"Someone should popularize a summertime Christmas song," suggests Justine.  "A December song, with no reference to July."  She probably implies June, August, and some of September, as well.

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