Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Webcomic #011b: Pocket Universes?

In Primm, Nevada, Justine starts a conversation with her reptilian humanoid companion (who happens to be a priest):  "Sometimes I think about pocket universes."  It is mostly a one-sided conversation, as she continues her out-loud wondering in Chicago:  "Is a black hole a gateway to a pocket universe?"

Their long road trip reaches the province of Ontario.  "Is our own universe another universe's black hole?"  The reptile and the human find their to a New York City subway station.  "When I dream, do I make my own pocket universe?"

At a South Carolina beach, the reptilian humanoid finally replies.  "I believe that if you create it, it becomes," he muses zen-like, strangely holding a printed-and-bound BLOG.

"Ooh...reflexive," Justine observes.

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