Thursday, December 10, 2009

Webcomic #010d: Spoilers ex Webcomica?

Deus ex Webcomica speaks the mangled slang of the land:

"The Vampire Lady, like, totally got shot through the heart!" he/she/it exclaims, as Justine and her Shotgun shoot the vampiress.

She heals.  "No freakin' way!  She healed!  What's up with that?"   Some mysteries are better left unsolved, perhaps.

The Vampire Lady turns into a bat demon.  "Oh, snap!  She turned into a bat!"

This evil form does not deter Justine's resolve.  "But Justine just opened a can of whoop ass, y'all!" says the Golden Voice.  Indeed, Justine lays the smack down on the vampiress.  And yes, many folks say y'all in SoCal.

Suddenly, our heroine is outnumbered by the Vampire Lady and Lord.  "Uh-oh, for the third time..."

Let's review:
1. The Vampire Lord almost got to suck her blood in Serbia, but the Sun saved the day.
2. The newborn Vampire Lady almost got to suck her blood in South Korea, but the Sun saved the day, again.
3. They're indoors in Los Angeles.

A priestly Reptilian Humanoid saves Justine!  The Reptilian Father holds a copy of the Webcomic as a book.  That's not a bad idea...  "Remind me to tell y'all about the reptilian humanoids of this universe..." Deus ex Webcomica requests.  He/she/it notices a still-unclothed Vampire Lady and continues the request:  "...and to give her some clothes."

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