Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Webcomic #010c: Christmas Shopping

SPEND! shoots the magically capitalistic, speaking shotgun.

"I totally got my Christmas shopping done today," informs the Vampire Lady.


"And I made sure I got free shipping!  It's early enough in December to receive my packages on time."  That's great.

"Maybe I should have spent the extra money to have the items gift wrapped."  No, I think you can do a lot better with your money than spend about $4 per item on nondescript wrapping paper.
"Nuts," she says, with regret in her voice.  "I don't look forward to gift wrapping."

The reptilian humanoid priest holds a nondescript book because he's not important for today's dialogue (between the vampiress and the shotgun, that is, before the shotgun disappears).


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