Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Webcomic #010b: How to Be Your Own Ancestor

Weird! warns the magically-talking shotgun.

"If I were to build a time machine, I'd like to be my own ancestor," muses the Last Human-Human on Earth.

"What?" asks a puzzled Vampire Lady.


"I don't mean that I would replace my mom or grandmother or great-grandmother," clarifies Justine.  "That would be creepy."

This does not persuade the vampiress.

"I'd go back, like, at least seven generations.  No incest there," Justine justifies.

Sorry to eavesdrop on such a conversation, the Vampire Lord interrupts, "What the blah?"

"The generations will cancel out my own genes," Justine further explains.  "I'll receive all the necessary genes from my non-me ancestors, which are the same genes I have right now," she assures the two vampires.

"Please stop," begs the Vampire Lady.

"Okay, kids, read something from actual scientists," advises a fatherly Reptilian Father, holding a copy of A Brief History of Time.

As the vampire couple depart the amphitheater, the Reptilian Father asks Justine:  "What the heck was that about?"

"I just wanted to weird them out."

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