Friday, December 4, 2009

Webcomic #009e: Romantic Comedies?

Speaking to her audience of captive werewolves, an unclothed Vampire Lady formulates her hypothesis: "You don't see young actors in romantic comedies these days. They're all busy being emo vampires in the movies and on TV."  It has been established that gruesome ghouls of this sarcastic webcomic are not fans of the sparkly kind.

Transforming into a vampire wolf, she attacks the brown-furred wolf, saying, "The 20- and 30-something stars of 1990's rom-coms are still around." Turning her attention to the ash-furred wolf, she continues: "But instead of young people rom-coms, they're now starring in 40-something rom-coms."

The orange-furred wolf begs for his life, when she makes another observation. "They're the same thing, except with divorced single people, not unmarried single people."

After slaying the orange (which rhymes with The Blorenge) wolf, the Vampire Lady concludes: "I guess you gotta age with the demographic."

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