Thursday, December 3, 2009

Webcomic #009d: Tips for Tiger Woods

Upon hearing more details concerning the circumstances of golf superstar Tiger Woods' car crash, Red Wolf begins his rant:

"They sell prepaid cell phones for a reason, Tiger Woods!

"You don't have to keep your alleged mistress on speed dial, Tiger Woods!

"You don't leave recorded messages if you don't want them disclosed publicly at a later date, Tiger Woods!"

"Aloha!" greets Deus ex Webcomica for his obligatory (usually on a Thursday) location cameo appearance.

Red continues, "You don't enter a White House party without an invitation, Tiger Woods!"

The wolf realizes his error.

"I might have conflated the non-news news stories."

Tiger Woods!  (Now that "Tips for Tiger" is over, try Hints for Lovers.)

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