Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Webcomic #009c: Resist Temptation!

"We found the Vampire Lady!"  With that, the dangerous quest inside an active volcano is over.  Or is it?

"Good!" exclaims Justine the Last Human-Human on Earth.  "Whatever you do, resist temptation!"

"She's not wearing any clothes!"  Uh-oh.

"Would you like a free $100 gift certificate?" asks the Vampire Lady to the trio of varied-furred werewolves.


"How about a plate of pastrami sandwiches?"

"What were we supposed to do again?"

The naked Vampire Lady transforms into a fierce vampire wolf, which is the same as the other werewolves, but with red eyes!

"Oh, no!  I must blog about this!" cries the equally flame-haired werewolf, running away from the carnage.  The Vampire Wolf quickly destroys the dishwater-or is that light brown?-furred wolf.  Then she destroys the (you can't tell from the drawing) salt-and-pepper-furred wolf.

She corners the frightened red-furred wolf.

"How about a Facebook status update?"

After the Vampire Lady in wolf form bludgeons the redhead wolf, Justine and the silver-furred wolf we've seen every month show up.  Way to go, guys.

"I should have tweeted," laments Red, his final words.  Tweeting is what you do on Twitter, for those who don't know.

"No!" cries Silver, in anguish.  "Why was I not informed about the pastrami sandwiches?"

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