Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Webcomic #009b: Malware?

"Hey, guys, let's go on Twitter!" invites Silver Wolf to his friends Dishwater, Red, and Pepper.

"I'm downloading a file!" replies Pepper.  It's probably porn.

An unclothed Vampire Lady has been downloaded.  See?  Porn.

"Awesome! I must forward you to my friends!"

"Forward received!" declares Dishwater.

"Do you think this file has a virus?" asks Red.

"Nah," Dishwater confidently replies.

The file suddenly reveals herself as malware!  The Vampire Lady has become a Vampire Wolf!  She attacks Dishwater.  Red flees in fear!

"Oh, no!  This file is malicious!" cries Red.

"D'oh!" exclaims Dishwater, as his system is fatally wounded.

"Avenge me, Tiger Woods!" pleads Pepper, as his system does down.  I think the line Avenge me, Tiger Woods! is a keeper.  Hopefully, this satirical use doesn't tread on any of Tiger's trademarks.

"Did you update your anti-virus, firewall, and use common sense?" asks the malicious code to Red.

"Uh..." are Red's last words before the Vampire Wolf destroys him.

"Nooooooooo!!!" cries Silver, as he and Justine discover the destruction caused by the Vampire Lady/Wolf on their friends'...computers.  They should've went on Twitter.  And clicked on the mystery meat links there.  Some of which contain webpages with malware.  At some point, this werewolf-as-computer analogy fell apart.


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