Monday, November 30, 2009

Webcomic #009a: Help Wanted?

With the light of the full moon, the hunt begins.  Justine and her band of werewolf heroes have gathered inside the Kīlauea volcano, to do battle with the increasingly powerful Vampire Lady.   Where could she be?

"Justine and I will look here," says Silver Wolf, splitting up the band.

Not surprised, Red Wolf apathetically answers, "Whatever, dude."

Lamenting the fact that Silver likes spending more time with the Last Human-Human on Earth than his werewolf bros, Dishwater-Blond Wolf says, "Silver is no longer fun."

"I hear that!" exclaims Red.

"I need," states a nude female sitting on lava rocks.

Throwing the obvious aside, Salt-and-Pepper Wolf volunteers, "I can help you, Miss."

"I can provide better assistance," one-ups Red.

"You lie!" accuses Dishwater.  They all want to hang out with a Human-Human on a full moon, apparently.

Before this trio of would-be heroes resort to violence amongst themselves, the obviously non-mysterious nude declares, "I can use all of you!"  She is the Vampire Lady, as if that were some sort of twist!  She is unclothed for a reason, so that she can transform into a Vampire Wolf without delay!  Blah!

In wolf form, she fatally bites Dishwater.

Running away, Red embarrassingly declares, "Oops!  I crapped my pants!"

With his dying breath, Dishwater corrects Red:  "You're...not...wearing...pants..."

The Vampire Wolf stabs Pepper with her hand!

"Avenge me, Tiger Woods!" he says, for no particular reason.

With nowhere to run, Red Wolf and the equally flame-haired Vampire Lady stand wolf-toe to wolf-toe.

"Hey!  Us redheads gotta stick together!" proposes Red.

"I shall take your position into consideration."  She ultimately and violently declines Red's proposal.

Justine and Silver soon discover their fallen comrades.

"Nooooooooo!!!" mourns the silver-haired werewolf.

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