Thursday, November 19, 2009

Webcomic #007d: Waiting for 2010

"The Holidays are upon us," Justine states (the obvious).  "Thanksgiving is next week."  (In the United States, that is.)

"Do not remind me," warns a sad Vampire Lord.  "The shows I watch are going on winter hiatus.  Blah," he complains.  "Tonight's episode of 'Supernatural' is the last one until January," he continues to sulk.  "I do not know what to do for the next two months."

"Kŏk-tchŏng ma-se-yo!" assures the mysterious Golden Voice.  (Alternatively:  "걱정 마세요!")

Unknowingly, the monolingual Last Human-Human on Earth expands upon the Voice's assurance:  "Look on the bright side!  In the New Year, your shows will come back - Supernatural and Lost."

"Ne," agrees the Voice, even though Justine doesn't know that the Voice is agreeing to her point, which supports the Voice's thesis.  (Alternatively:  "네.")

"Blah," sighs the Vampire Lord.

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