Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Webcomic #007c: Spell Check

"Did you see the boxing match between Manny Brainnn... and Miguel Brainnn...???" asks the tall zombie, in the midst of their thrashing by the Last Human-Human on Earth.

"It was a good brainnn...!!!" comments the hospital/bridesmaid gown zombie.

"It looks like we've been through 11 1/3 brainnn...!!!" observes an equally bloodied zombie, appropriately wearing boxer shorts.  If you remember, the referee stopped the fight 55 seconds into the 12th round, making the fight last 11 and approximately one-third rounds.

Elsewhere, Justine resigns, "We won't get to speak much tonight."

"Blah," sighs the Vampire Lord.
"Because of Manny Brainnn...," observes the metamorphosing nightgown ghoul, "People from all over the world can spell 'Pacquiao'."  She concludes with a lament, "Too bad the same can't be said for the standard English language rendering of 'Michael'."

Justine is baffled by the newborn Vampire Lady's non sequitur.

"If you remember, when his death was breaking news on Twitter, the trending topic was for 'Micheal [sic] Jackson'," the Vampire Lady reminisces the day Michael Jackson died.  I'm guessing she actually said sic.  "Of course, people actually named with the spelling 'Micheal' are all right," she concedes.

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