Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Webcomic #007b: Dusk / Dawn

After cleaning house with her magical shotgun (and her 1337 skillz), Justine the Last Human-Human on Earth poses a question:  "What's up with this Twilight craze?"

"This conversation is eerily appropriate.  Blah," observes a semi-omni-present Vampire Lord.

Justine further questions the bizarreness of pop culture:  "What's up with people lining up days in advance to watch the film?  Isn't that just for Star Wars nerds?"

The flame-haired zombie chimes in, "Instead of geeky-looking fan-brainnn...," as her ghoulish metamorphosis begins.  She continues, "These lines are full of regular-looking fangirls."  (Okay, there are likely geeky-lookin' fanboys too.)

"Hmm...we should check that out," suggests the Vampire Lord.

"They are not into our type of vampire," the new Vampire Lady advises.

"What kind of vampire is that?" asks Justine.

"The badass kind," declares the Vampire Lady, approaching Justine.  "Blah," she appropriately adds.

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