Monday, November 16, 2009

Webcomic #007a: Makeover

Justine the Last Human-Human on Earth and her Magical Talking Shotgun are cleaning house!  They're wiping the floor with zombie goo.  They're handing the asses of their foes back to them.

"Kick ass!!!" exclaims the shotgun.

"I realize that zombies are useless against you," admits a nearly-defeated Vampire Lord.  Finally, a big bad sees the problem that is the Stormtrooper Effect (look it up!). "Prepare yourself for..."

"Extreme," he says, finding the sole surviving zombie.  "Ghoul," the vampire says while producing a spell on the female zombie.  She's cleaning up nicely thus far.  "Makeover," and with that, the redhead zombie is now a redhead vampire.

This newly-created Vampire Lady replaces her lust for brainnn... with a simple stereotypical, "Blah."  She approaches Justine.
"Only the sun can save you now," she ominously threatens our heroine in orange.  This is a noob mistake, but don't tell the veteran Vampire Lord that, since he makes this mistake frequently.

"Here it comes..." the shotgun says, quoting George Harrison, as the sun rises.  Apparently, Justine is not talking today.

"Nuts,"  the Vampire Lady laments.  "Being a vampire sucks.  I made a pun."

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