Friday, November 13, 2009

Webcomic #006e: TV?

"Did you watch the latest episode of Brainnn...???" the zombie groom asks his best zombie.

"I haven't watched TV in such a long brainnn...!!!" laments the shirtless (and pants-less, technically) zombie.

Elsewhere, the Last Human-Human on Earth makes an observation:  "What we're wearing reminds me of the prisoners who danced to "Thriller" on YouTube."

"Brainnn...!!!" the hospital gown "bridesmaid" and the nightshirt bridesmaid both agree.

Back to the TV conversation, the groom advises his best man:  "You should catch brainnn...!!!"

"I have several episodes saved in my brainnn...!!!" the boxer shorts zombie says.  "I'll make the time to watch brainnn...!!!" he promises.

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