Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Webcomic #006b: Aerosmith?

"Did you hear the brainnn...???" asks the zombie bride.  "Steven Brainnn... of Aero-brainnn... has left the brainnn...!!!"

"It seems like he is on course for a yearlong stint at Caesar's Palace:  'Steven Tyler Sings Diane Warren.'  Blah," sardonically replies a priestly Vampire Lord.

"This is my cameo appearance," says Justine the Last Human-Human.  She's really not important for this particular sequence of illustrations.

The Vampire Lord continues his anti-Aerosmith comedic rant:  "If the band is looking for a new lead singer, they should hire an actual forty year old woman with highlights in her hair."  (By the way, children's show Sesame Street turns 40.)

"Ha ha brainnn...!!!  I cannot stop brainnn...!!!" laughs the zombie bride, before spitting acid onto the zombie groom's face.

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