Monday, November 9, 2009

Webcomic #006a: Zombie Wedding!

"Dearly be-blah.  We are gathered here to-blah.  In the blah-dee-blah.  To join together Blah and Blah. In Unholy Blah," declares the officiating Vampire Lord.  Blah.

Why am I a brides-brainnn...??? wonders a male hospital gown zombie.  More amazing is the fact that this zombie can think quietly!

"Where's your brainn...???" asks the zombie groomsman to the best zombie (in boxer shorts).

"I'm wearing a bow-brainnn...!!!" the best zombie reasons.

"I'm not a fan of these bridesmaid dresses," says the ever-so-sneaky Justine, posing as a zombie bridesmaid in an orange dress.

She's speaking to her talking shotgun, who replies with the obvious:  "ORANGE!"  The shotgun also shoots one of the zombie bridesmaids.

After much formality, the zombie bride and zombie groom conclude, "I brainnn...!!!"

"You may now kiss the blah."

The zombie bride dissolves her new zombie husband's face with some acid.

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