Thursday, November 5, 2009

Webcomic #005d: Buyer's Remorse

We are still at the full moon party for werewolves.  That mysterious Golden Voice appears once again, speaking to the assembled party crowd, asking them a question:  "Aap kyaa pinaa chahate hai?"

"Beer!" exclaims a blonde wolf.

"Diet cola!" answers a raven-haired one.

"Apple juice!" a brunette requests.

"Zombie blood!" cries our hero werewolf.

"Brainnn...!!!" says a party-crashing zombie.  Apparently, Deus ex Webcomica has come through again.  Our hero attacks and drinks from the zombie.

"Oh, you're asking us what we want to drink!" realizes our monolingual heroine Justine, the Last Human-Human on Earth.  She can't really understand any languages other than English, but at least she can decipher things by context.

"A-woo!  Zombie blood!" howls our hero.

A brunette wolf comes between our hero and his human-human companion.  "Excuse me.  Coming through," the wolf politely says.  "Thanks."

Our hero didn't think it through when he ordered his drink.  "Uh-oh," he says, before vomiting the entire night onto the ground.

"This beer is awesome!" exclaims the blonde who ordered a beer previously.

Our hero comes to a conclusion:  "I have buyer's remorse."

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