Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Webcomic #005b: Not a Political Party

"The outcome of an upcoming New York election will determine if the far right movement has taken over the Republican Party," hypothesizes a silver-furred female werewolf.

"I thought the Republican Party was already to the far right!" quips a brunette wolf woman.

"Ladies! This is a party-party, not a political party!" protests our werewolf hero.  "We're supposed to party...LIKE A BOSS."  Like the SNL digital short, boss is pronounced "bowse."

A party-crashing zombie shakes his head.  "That's an old brainnn...!!!" he heckles.

Our hero continues his parody-of-a-parody flow:  "Bite a zombie...LIKE A BOSS.  Howl at the Moon...LIKE A BOSS.  Feel sick...LIKE A BOSS.  Throw up...LIKE A BOSS."

"You probably shouldn't watch the 'Throw it on the Ground' one," observes Justine the Last Human-Human on Earth.

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