Monday, November 2, 2009

Webcomic #005a: Full Moon Party

It's a full moon party tonight!  Werewolves are everywhere!

The night of a full moon reminds me how alone I really am, Justine the Last Human-Human on Earth thinks to herself.  Tonight, all humans turn into werewolves, except me.

"Are you narrating something in your head?" asks her werewolf companion.  It's only his second appearance in this webcomic, so he still lacks a name.  And he should have a cool name (or a devastatingly lame name, which is cool).

Ignoring the wolf's question, Justine continues her reminiscence:   There was a zombie pandemic, and a minor vampire outbreak. These undead conditions spread exponentially around the globe.  Mysteriously, those not infected by the undead became mutated with lycanthropy.

"Another shot of silver tequila!  A-woo!" triumphantly howls an inebriated wolf.  His fellow celebrants howl as well.

These people are susceptible to the undead every day, and most nights.

"You're thinking about me, aren't you?" he slurs.  He's about to vomit.

The light of the full moon gives these werewolves immunity against all ghouls.

The werewolf vomits.

Tonight is a global celebration!

Accepting being ignored, the werewolf declares, "I'm gonna go to the bar to get more booze!"  He asks his date politely, "Do you want anything?"

Justine's werewolf is a fun guy.

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