Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sneak Peek Sunday: Webcomic #007

I like these "Sneak Peek" issues more than the weekday ones with dialogue bubbles.  It's fun to imagine what these illustrated characters say during all this action.  Appropriately enough, that's what I do before typing out the weekday edition of this webcomic, with all the random chit-chat and blog topics.  One day, I would like to see the readers fill in the blanks for these comics, and read what they think is going on here (and there).
Anyhow, this sequence continues from last week, at the apparently restored Namdaemun in Seoul, South Korea.  If you recall, it was a zombie wedding, where the bride spit acid into the groom's face, and our heroine Justine (the Last Human-Human on Earth, of course) crashed the party, disguised as a bridesmaid.

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