Saturday, November 7, 2009

First 25 Words of θəwəməθy (DeRamosh), a #NewLanguage

We're using the Swadesh list to come up with the first 207 words or so in DeRamosh.  Before we start, here are the letters of this new language's alphabet:  ə þ θ w y m.

ə = All vowels are schwas.
þ = Plosives are rarely used (only for curse words); spit.
θ = th sound.
w = w sound.
y = consonant-y sound.
m = m sound.
No hard consonants, like k.

Without further ado, the first 25 (26 words plus two phrases, really):

  1. I = əyə /uh-yuh/
  2. you (singular) = yəə /yuh-uh/
  3. he = yə /yuh/; she = θə /thuh/; it = əθ /uhth/
  4. we = wə /wuh/
  5. you (plural) = yəə θəwə /yuh-uh thuh-wuh/ for two; yəə əww /yuh-uh oh/ for three or more.
  6. they = θəyə /thuh-yuh/
  7. this = yəθ /yuhth/
  8. that = θəθ /thuhth/
  9. here = yəwə /yuh-wuh/
  10. there = θəwə /thuh-wuh/
  11. who = wəyə /wuh-yuh/
  12. what = wəyəθ /wuh-yuhth/
  13. where = wəyəwə /wuh-yuh-wuh/
  14. when = wəyəm /wuh-yuhm/
  15. how = yəw /yoh/
  16. not = məθ /muhth/
  17. all = əww /oh/
  18. many = məməyə /muh-muh-yuh/
  19. some = θəmə /thuh-muh/
  20. few = θəw /thoh/
  21. other = əθəw /uh-thoh/
  22. one = əm /uhm/
  23. two = θəwə /thuh-wuh/
  24. three = θəwəə /thuh-wuh-uh/
  25. four = θəəw /thuh-oh/
Hmm...this linguistic evolution has created new sounds!  Apparently ə + w, when spoken together, makes a long-o sound, as in Oh! and boat.

We'll have to figure out stressed syllables (and perhaps, musical syllables), when we have homonyms and homophones.  With five (out of six) letters; it's bound to happen.

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