Thursday, October 29, 2009

Webcomic #004d: Deus ex Webcomica

"I want to suck your blood," says the Vampire Lord to his next victim.  "That is a w, not a v.  I am not a stereotype," he clarifies.  "Blah."

That potential victim is Justine the Last Human-Human on Earth.  She begins tries to distract the easily-distracted Nosferatu, saying, "Well..."

"No more delays."

Our heroine is screwed.  (But not in that way, since this is a family webcomic.  With zombies.  And blood.)

"Your blood, I shall suck," the Vampire Lord muses.  "Like a milkshake.  I drink your milkshake.  I drink it up.  Blah."  (OK, maybe this webcomic is full of naughty double entendres, after all.)

"Dobro jutro!" greets the Mysterious Golden Voice to the Vampire Lord and Justine.

"No, my Lord.  You are mistaken.  It is still nighttime here," protests the vampire.

"Sunce!" declares Deus ex Webcomica (which is the only feasible explanation for this Golden Voice), pointing to the sunrise.

His plan for human extinction thwarted once again, the vampire has had enough.  "I give up.  Blah."

"Thank you, Mysterious Voice, but I don't understand a word you say!" exclaims the woman.

"You should learn another brainnn...!!!" advises a zombie in bedclothes.

"I definitely should!" she agrees.

"Da," affirms Deus ex Webcomica.  They have reached consensus.

"It's on my 'To Do' list," Justine somewhat promises.

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