Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Webcomic #004b: Pearl Jam Concert

"Speak your last words, mortal, while you still can," the Vampire Lord commands.  "Blah."

"I heard you went to a Pearl Jam concert earlier this month," states Justine the Last Human-Human on Earth, with an ace up her sleeve.  "How was it?"  (She's not wearing sleeves.)

"As always, they played an epic show."

"Details, please!"

"You can't beat an energetic main set plus two encore sets."  And with that, the Vampire Lord talked about a two-hour concert over the course of six hours.

"...and after 'Yellow Ledbetter,' guitarist Mike McCready played 'The Star-Spangled Banner' like Jimi Hendrix," says the Vampire Lord, concluding his all-night fanboy rant.

"That is neat," reacts Justine, as the sun rises.  "The sun is rising!  You should go to bed!"

"Blah," resigns the Vampire Lord, not wanting to turn into dust.  He quickly makes his escape.  (Didn't he have the upper hand earlier?)

"Good brainnn...!!!" says a friendly zombie, out for a morning jog.

"Good morning to you, too!" replies a jovial Justine, shooting the zombie (with kindness, of course!).

"Would you like to eat brainnn...???"

"Yes, breakfast sounds good."

You can read the author's recollection of the aforementioned Pearl Jam concert (with Ben Harper and Relentless7) at Auderamos.

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