Monday, October 26, 2009

Webcomic #004a: Bloody Dancing

"Let us dance," says the Vampire Lord to the Last Human-Human on Earth.  "Blah."

They dance into the late hours of the night. Swept off her feet, Justine exclaims, "I don't want this to end!" which ignites the Vampire Lord's fear of commitment.  (Alternatively, the sun is rising, and the Vampire Lord does not want to be reduced to ashes at first light.  I'd say it's both his fear of commitment and of annihilation.)

"I totally forgot I have things to do.  Deadlines, you know.  I must leave.  Blah," he says, dropping the woman to the floor.

"Ouch!"  Justine is knocked unconscious.

Later that morning, Justine awakens and wonders out loud, "How long was I out?"  Shooting down a zombie that tried to sneak up on her, she sighs, "Not long enough."

Now that the long night is over, Justine hears an inner growling.  "I'm hungry," she says.

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