Friday, October 23, 2009

Webcomic #003e: STP Concert

"I saw Stone Temple Pilots last night," triumphantly declares the Vampire Lord.

"Wow," patronizes Justine the Last Human-Human on Earth.  "You've had an exciting month!"

Oblivious to her sarcasm, the Vampire Lord continues:  "Yes, I went to a lot of shows and amusement this October.  Blah."

"A little too many," he continues, changing his tone of voice.

"Oh, how so?" she asks.

"After too many nights of fun, my allergies act up."

"It could just be the Autumn weather," Justine assures the Vampire Lord.

"I sneeze all the time.  Blah, blah, blah," complains the vampire, while the zombie eavesdrops with delight on his face.  "Not to mention the occasional splitting sinus headache," he says while splitting the zombie's head.  "Blah," the Vampire Lord sneezes.  "Excuse me.  That was a sneeze."

"Bless you," says the woman.


On that note, check out my review of last night's Stone Temple Pilots concert at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino (Highland, California) at Auderamos.

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