Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Webcomic #003c: Disneyland

"How was Disneyland?" asks the woman wearing violet.

"I didn't go to Brainnn...!!!" replies the zombie wearing boxer shorts.

"I was talking to the vampire behind me."

"It was fun.  Blah," replies the vampire behind the woman. "I avoided Tomorrowland and much of Fantasyland this time around.


"Instead, I went through the left side of the park, with Adventureland, New Orleans Square, etc.  It was an entirely different Disneyland experience. Blah."

After some hesitation, the vampire continues: "I wish they provided free Wi-Fi Internet in the park."

"Why would you bring a Brainnn...???" asks the zombie, condescendingly.

"Netbooks are very lightweight.  Blah," angrily replies the vampire, who quickly splits the zombie's head into two.

Returning his attention to the woman, the vampire concludes his spiel: "All in all, I had a good time.  Blah."

Disneyland® is a registered trademark of The Walt Disney Company, and is obviously not affiliated with the Webcomic or the webcomic's publisher DeRamos Media, which is a division of DeRamos Group LLC.  The author of this webcomic had a good time there, and he imagined that the Vampire Lord of the Webcomic would have had a good time, too.

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