Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Webcomic #003b: Fatalism

"Gotcha," declares our heroine Justine, after almost-flawlessly stalking her next zombie kill.

She was almost flawless.

"Not so fast, last human-human on earth!" exclaims the Vampire Lord, who dresses almost like a stereotypical street pimp. Seriously, his shoes match his vest. And he wears a cape. "The undead belong to me," he continues.

"Son of a bitch!" exclaims Justine. She does not like getting caught in a trap, if she can help it. Whether or not she actually has the choice is the subject of this rather philosophical webcomic installment.

"This was, how you say? Meant to be. Blah."

The zombie, who was likely the bait in this situation, laughs. "Ha ha brainn...!!!  I thought you believed in brainnn...!!!"

The Vampire Lord immediately complements his servant's observation: "Yes, one who believes in fate must accept this course of events.  Blah." He quickly disposes of the zombie. (Remember, of the six zombies featured last week, four currently remain unharmed. Who will suffer next week?)

"I accept that whatever happens, happens, but it doesn't mean I'll like it," explains Justine. Remember, she believes in subjective, present-tense free will balanced by an objective, universal determinism. It's a bit complicated.  Oh yes, Justine continues her rant with a threatening promise:  "And neither will you!"

"Well, that is a bummer.  Blah."

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