Thursday, October 15, 2009

Webcomic #002d: Spoiler Alert!

"There is a lot in store from Web-brainnn...!!!" declares Zombie #1, wearing a hospital gown.

"Last week, we had a were-brainnn...!!!  We'll have more wolves during the week of a full brainnn...!!!" reveals Zombie #2, who's just wearing boxer shorts.

Zombie #3, wearing a suit and tie, adds to what the previous zombie said:  "There are more living freaks than reptilian brainnn...!!!"

Zombie #4, in a pink nightshirt, continues the train of spoilers:  "There are also more undead ghouls than we brainnn...!!!"

"We'll reveal the names of some of the major brainnn...!!!" declares Zombie #5, wearing a black nightgown.

Let the revelations begin!  Justine, who apparently hangs down with all these freaks and ghouls, asserts:  "Being the last human-human on earth, I never knew the rules."

"We travel east next brainnn...!!!" declares Zombie #6, right as Justine shoots him in the back of the head.

"We might find out the identity of the mysterious Golden Brainnn...!!!" muses Zombie #4.

"Später!" declares a mysteriously golden voice from the heavens (or outside of the frame).  If you recall, this same voice spoke French last week.

"Oops, I crapped my brainn...!!!" confesses Zombie #3.

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