Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Webcomic #002b: Apple vs. Google vs. Brains!

"Did you receive my SMS brainnn...from my Google Voice brainnn...???" asks the zombie wearing a hospital gown.

"No," replies the zombie in boxer shorts, "I did not receive your brainnn...on my Apple i...Brainnn...!!!"

Perplexed, the hospital gown zombie sighs, "That is brainnn...!!!"

The substitute teacher zombie interrupts the conversation with some insightful info:  "There are big brainnn...between Google and Brainnn...!!!  It is all over the Inter-brainnn...!!!  The FCC and AT&...Brainnn...figure into this, brainnn!!!"

The zombie wearing a pink nightshirt is offended by this on-going conversation.  "That is just anecdotal brainnn...!!!" the zombie protests, "Apple has the right to approve or brainnn...whatever it wants to brainnn...!!!"

With a mocking tone, the strangely sexy sheer nightgown zombie muses, "You must be a zombie fan-brainnn...!!!"

"I am a proud fan-brainnn...!!!" replies the pink nightshirt zombie.

Frustrated at all the zombies, the woman wearing a dark blue dress declares, "Nerdy tech blog flame wars are worse than douchebag political ones!"  She subsequently shoots a decently-dressed zombie, as he brags -

"I own both AAPL brainnn...and GOOG brainnn...!!!  It is a brainnn-brainnn...situation for brainnn...!!!"  He drops to the ground as his head explodes.

The zombie tech flame war halts.

"Stop touching my brainnn...!!!" admonishes the strangely sexy zombie to the boxer shorts zombie.

Pleading innocence, the boxer shorts zombie says, "It was brainnn...!!!" pointing to the hospital gown zombie to his left.

"My brainnn...!!!" apologizes the hospital gown zombie, removing his hand from the situation.

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