Monday, October 12, 2009

Webcomic #002a: Go Go Power Zombies!

"It's morphin' brainnn...!!!" declare six zombies marauding a Swiss village.

"Green Brainnn...Dragon-brainnn...!!!" says the hospital morgue zombie.

"White Brainnn...Tiger-brainnn...!!!" says the zombie wearing only boxers.

"Black Brainnn...Masto-brainnn...!!!" says the strangely sexy zombie in a slightly sheer nightgown.

"Yellow Brainnn...Saber-toothed brainnn...!!!" says the zombie who was likely a substitute teacher.

"Pink Brainnn...Pterodact-brainnn!!!" says the zombie in a more conservative cotton nightshirt.

"Blue Brainnn...Tricera-brainnn...!!!" says the street clothes zombie.  He is subsequently shot in the back of the head by the woman from last week's webcomic.  She is now wearing a darker blue dress.

The remaining five Mighty Morphin' Power Zombies are shocked by this turn of events.  They are silent, until the strangely sexy zombie asks the boxer shorts zombie:  "Did you just grab my brainnn...???"

He can only reply, "Brainnn...!!!"

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