Friday, October 9, 2009

Webcomic #001e: Obituary Birthday

"Today is the birthday of several famous dead people, like John Lennon," she says, reflecting on today's date.

The woman's werewolf companion adds, "What about...John Entwistle of The Who?"

Both pause for a while, thinking of a third name to add to the list. "Eddie Guerrero," they call simultaneously.

"Jinx!" the werewolf says to the woman, "You can't talk until I say so!"  Searching on Wikipedia, the wolf begins to list other (rather obscure) famous, albeit deceased, people born on the ninth of October: "Robert de Sorbon, French theologian and founder of the Sorbonne...Archduke Leopold V of Austria...Charles Walgreen, American entrepreneur...Walter O'Malley...GO DODGERS!...Hiroaki Aoki, Founder of Benihana..."

CHK, CHK is the sound that is made when the woman cocks her shotgun.

"Okay,'re un-jinxed!" the werewolf declares.

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