Thursday, October 8, 2009

Webcomic #001d: Fate vs. Free Will

"I believe fate and free will can co-exist," she says, looking deep into the night sky.

Scoffing, the werewolf replies, "The band Rush says, 'I will choose free will.'" The werewolf tries to mimic vocalist Geddy Lee's high-pitched voice, as he sings the song lyric.

"You were fated to say that."  The woman hopes that her companion will have an aha! moment upon hearing her words, the kind that Oprah always talks about.

Such an epiphany does not happen.  "Great.  Now you're Morpheus in a blue dress."

The woman continues:  "Subjectively, living in the now, the future seems unwritten.  We rightly perceive free will."

I would like a sandwich, the werewolf thinks to himself.

"However, in the grand scheme of things, or objectively, everything is fated to occur.  Moreover, all events have already happened in a universe with dimensions that transcend time."

"Très bien!" declares a mysteriously golden voice from the Eiffel Tower, or is it a voice from the heavens?

The werewolf cannot decide the contents of his hypothetical sandwich:  Roast beef or pastrami?

The woman concludes her grand statement:  "In other words, whatever happens, happens."

Pastrami.  Definitely pastrami.

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