Saturday, September 26, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #135: Ad Lib Blog

Adding "French vanilla" flavor to coffee gets old, really fast.

Now that my tweetable intro has been written, here's the content of this blog entry, which is to say, there really isn't any planned content. Instead of giving in to "writer's block" or using precious time surfing the Web, hoping that some inspiration to rant to hit me in the face, I'm just going to type, in a sort of stream of consciousness flow, with minimal editing, and maximal use of commas to separate the dependent clauses.

Of course, there's always some bad news to rally against. the formal rule is to never end a sentence with a preposition, so let me rewrite the previous sentence: Of course, there's always some bad news against which to rally. OK, that sounds awkward. Anyhow, did you read about the census worker, who was likely murdered by some seemingly anti-Federal Government bad person or people?

That kind of stuff gets my blood boiling.  This is not to be confused with things that get my blood a-boilin', because writing in some regional/generational/cultural slang adds an element of humor that's inappropriate for serious news.

OK, where was I?  Maybe I should move on to the next topic of this mostly ad-libbed blog entry.  Well, my usual entries have some degree of winging it, since there's no real editorial process to blogging.  This might change in the future; who knows?

SoundSoap Pro 2 has just been released.  (Yesterday, I wrote about the "virtues" of SoundSoap Pro for audio production.)  Bias, Inc., is currently offering a decent price to upgrade the plug-in.  I currently like (1) SoundSoap Pro version one and (2) not spending any more money that I absolutely need to, especially when it comes to business expenses (which includes production software).  I think I'll hold off on upgrading this plug-in until I hit a brick wall with SoundSoap Pro and need a slightly more advanced solution.  Hopefully that upgrade price (or an even lower price!) will still be there if/when I need to upgrade SoundSoap Pro.

I skipped a day learnin' German with Pimsleur.  The moment I publish this entry, I will definitely get back into learning new things.  (To paraphrase Bob Dylan:  He not busy learnin' is busy forgettin'.  I think I wrote that here before.)  Currently, my previous Pimsleur education in Dutch kind of interferes with the new things I'm learning in German.  The Germanic language family element must be why I get my frau's mixed with my mevrouw's, and my danke's with my dank je's.  On the flip side to this, knowing English (another Germanic language) made it easy to learn Nederlands, and should have made German just as easy, were it not for Dutch being in the way of Deutsch.

Now I know how the Pennsylvania Dutch must feel.  I really don't, but I do love me some awkward, historical, pun-like misnomers!

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