Sunday, September 20, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #129: Solutions for Health Care Reform, Silver Bullets for Werewolves

Kudos to the following entities for this opinion piece on health care reformThe Los Angeles Times opinion section for asking prominent conservatives to offer feasible health care reform solutions, the interviewed individuals for obliging and keeping weasel words at a minimum, and Google News for letting me find the article in the first place.  I don't agree with some of their conclusions, but those conclusions are a hell of a lot better than the loudmouth, fringe dittoheads who get more press.

In other news, check out our latest werewolf design, from the "Sick Happens" line.  First, the wolf either ate or made out with a human; then he got the stomach flu or drank too much booze; now he's in bullet time:

Shot happens.

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