Thursday, September 17, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #126: Racism, or Douchebaggery?

On Facebook, @ngallaher shared this video. Since the first line of my blogs are Twitterfeed-fed into Twitter, it actually helps to start off with Twitter syntax or a snappy first line. Anyhow, Nathan Gallaher posted a link to this YouTube video on Facebook:

Although not depicted above, I must remind all civil debaters that there are several opponents of President Obama who are thinking people with very cogent, non-racist points of view. That said, there are a lot of vocal, non-thinking opponents who are - for lack of a better term - racist. The latter group gets all the press, unfortunately. The non-racist opponents seriously need to get their act together to throw the racists and other extremists - who profess to be on their side! - under the proverbial bus. Throw 'em under the bus!

Last weekend, Maureen Dowd wrote a cutting commentary regarding racism as the underlying cause of Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst, as well as in the hearts and minds of much of the opposition. It is an interesting read, and the comments are interesting, too.

The most vocal opposition (the loudest of the loud) on broadcast media (FOX News included) and the World Wide Web seem to take an extremely hateful, if not racist, tone. Funnily enough, they can't agree on what to call President Obama: Socialist or fascist? Nazi or communist? Muslim or atheist? Kenyan or Arab? So maybe an underlying undercurrent of racism unites the fearmongrels after all, since their weasel words do not match.

Of course, the "I'm not a racist" fearmongering crowd would likely say that the Left acted similarly toward President Bush. Well, yes, that is true. "Hitler" is the cliche epithet to use against foes: reductio ad Hitlerum. However, if I remember correctly, the Right continually accused the Left of non-patriotism at the very least, or even treason, for being against the Administration of the time. Today, these same Fright-wingers continue to wave the "I'm a patriot" flag, while accusing the current Administration and its supporters as treasonous. So maybe the Left (and to a lesser degree, the Center) shouldn't accuse the Fear-right of being racist. Maybe we should accuse them of being unpatriotic (at the very least) to treasonous. What would happen then?

In any case, maybe the accusation of "racism" has lost its effectiveness. And "treason" is the kind of defamation only the fearmongrels can sling with a clear conscience (if any). So maybe we should just call 'em douchebags, and call it a day.

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