Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #124: The Second Part of an Apology Is to Make Things Right, and other Current Events

With all these verbal apologies, and calls for repeated public apologies - people must realize that, like the old SAT, verbal is just one-half of an apology, or rather, of repentance. The second, oft-ignored part is the action of making things right, or even better than before. If the act of offense - in current events, an inappropriate outburst - brings the situation one step back, then verbally apologizing likely makes up for the offense halfway. A positive action will bring things back to zero, at the very least, or even push the situation forward. Forward is good. Positive is good. Making things better is great.

Otherwise, what good will a half-assed apology do, in the long run? (Nothing.)

In the first episode of Jay Leno's primetime show, Kanye West said, "I've really never taken the time off. It's been music after music and tour after tour. And I'm just ashamed my hurt caused someone else hurt." Well, there you go. West should take some time off, disappear from the public eye, and take some positive steps to remove this me-first mentality before re-emerging publicly.

In other inappropriate outburst news, Serena Williams issued a formal apology for her incident. To the line judge, Williams offered this course of action: "I'd like to give her a big ol' hug and put it all behind us like I have." After threatening to shove a tennis ball down the line judge's throat, the two of them should have lunch together, where they can shove spherical food down their throats...but in a nice way. They could eat meatballs and donut holes. They could drink bubble tea. Then they could be the best of friends afterward.

Yesterday's hyperbolic solutions aside, I don't know how Representative Joe Wilson could go beyond the verbal apology and make things right. Sure, Wilson and Obama could end up as good friends, but there are so many fearmongrels who believe that Wilson's outburst was the right thing to do, encouraging them to use rudeness and ugliness to get their non-point point across.

All right, I think I am done ranting about the outbursts of the above three. Well, I have a few short statements to say about yesterday's news:

1. As I tweeted earlier: Congrats to [Juan Martin] del Potro for winning US Open over [Roger] Federer. He should form a club with Y.E. Yang (who beat Tiger Woods). To expand upon my tweet: The next basketball player to steal the ball from, then dunk on, Kobe Bryant could also join this underdog winners club. In last season's playoffs, one player stole the ball from Bryant, but could not go all the way to dunk it. I can't remember his name.

2. R.I.P. Patrick Swayze.

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