Friday, September 11, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #120: 9/11/2009

As many of us have already done the simple math, September 11, 2001, was eight years ago today. In many ways, our behavior toward each other, especially those who are ideologically different in some way, has not changed at all these past eight years. Rep. Wilson's "You lie!" outburst supports this opinion. However, let us not dwell on the negatives for too long, lest we are transformed into that which we despise.

Instead, let us go off on a positive tangent. Eight years ago, I used a PC from 1997 that cost probably $2000 but was barely stable running Windows 98 and logging on to AOL via dialup. MP3 playback on WinAmp was pretty choppy, too. I wrote rant-like public journals on HTML pages, and manually uploaded those files to an account hosted by Tripod.

Today, I am lounging in bed, with a $300 netbook resting on my belly, swiftly and stably running Windows XP SP3, and surfing the Web with a broadband connection. I am blogging this entry, while iTunes easily blasts some tunes in the background. TuneUp transmits my current playlists by auto-tweeting at the @DeRamosMusic Twitter account.

There are even better gadgets available than what I have right now. Technologically, at least, we've progressed much in eight short years. I can go on and on how we've come far in several fields of study, like medicine and other science, but I should write something relevant to this 9/11 Anniversary:

Eight years ago, a shocked majority of Americans came together, in spite of ideology, and looked to the Bush Administration to administer justice (and comeuppance) toward those responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Needless to say, without getting into much partisan bias, mistakes and missteps were made in this quest for justice.

Now, we look to the new Obama Administration to continue our quest for justice. Events in Afghanistan are once again headline news, and it was a shame that it wasn't for so long. While the shock eight years ago came from violence, the shock of today comes from economic woes. As the majority came together, despite our differences, to optimistically hope for justice eight years ago, it would be great if the majority came together again, despite our differences, to positively work toward prosperity today. Yes, I am implying various economic issues, such as unemployment and health care reform. There must be some way for Americans can positively come together on these issues, since after all, we're ultimately on the same team; we have the same play book; we just need to agree on similar plays to help us score.

In any case, our soldiers have been working hard to serve justice on those who wronged us eight years ago, despite the missteps and mistakes from those entrusted with the power to decide and command. We can only hope that the decision-makers have learned from their (or their predecessors') mistakes, and that justice can finally be had for those who lost their lives and loves eight years ago.

The Roman Republic was still growing and prospering when it was a republic; its downfall happened centuries after it became a bloated empire. By the same token, this America is still a Republic and is still committed to the principles of democracy. As long as we hold to these ideals, prosperity and liberty remain available for you, for me, and for this nation.

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