Thursday, September 10, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #119: More on Morons: Man Errs Manners

It's a shame that people actually condone last night's ill-mannered outburst by South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson during President Obama's very nuanced and centrist speech on health care reform. Not surprisingly, the people who have been inspired by Joe's rudeness are the same fright-wing fearmongrels I've been ranting against for many a-blog entry, as of late. Of course, it would be silly to expect otherwise: They've been loud, irrational, and rude all summer. Why would they change now?

Of course, I feel the need to temper my anger against the fearmongering Republicans by recognizing members of the opposition who have contributed to the President's proposals (those mentioned in his speech, like Senator John McCain and others), as well as the Republican lawmakers who were waving their potential solutions throughout the speech. Good for you guys! It's a shame that the fear-right wing of your party stole the spotlight from your alternative solutions with their fear, anger, and hatred!

In any case, I won't let the fearmongrels grind me down. Besides, there is much to celebrate! A couple of great friends gave birth to their first child today (or yesterday?)! Congratulations to the growing family. May they be happy in their blue heaven.

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