Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #118: Less on Morons, More on Lessons

Less on morons, more on lessons. In other words, I think I'm done (for now) ranting against the fright-wing fringe of this country. I'm glad the President encouraged American students to focus on school, and hopefully, many students were inspired to work, study, and learn a million times harder and succeed. With a hunger for education, quenched with knowledge and the wisdom to apply these skills well, they'll be able to form their own conclusions, especially when it comes to politics. Some might come to liberal conclusions and vote Democrat, or other left-of-center party. Some might come to conservative conclusions and rebuild or form an even-handed opposition party. In both cases, the fringe elements on all sides, which thrive on the ignorant and the naive, will fade away as background noise and a footnote in history.

We can only dream, anyhow.

Today is 09-09-09. A friend is expected to give birth today. The Beatles are expected to save both the music industry (with their remastered albums) and the video game industry (with The Beatles: Rock Band game) today. Apple Inc. (not to be confused with The Beatles' Apple Corps) is expected to announce new technological innovations today, especially concerning the latest permutation of the iPod. There's an off chance that Apple Corps (well, EMI, actually) will release John, Paul, George, and Ringo's recordings digitally through Apple Inc.'s iTunes music store, but that feels like a long shot. In any case, I wish they'd announce an Apple Tablet that can levitate; that would be better than lying down with a netbook laying on my abs (which is not too shabby). Whatever may happen, I'll have to wait until the sun rises on this Day of Nines.

I will start to dream, right now.

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