Saturday, September 5, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #114: Fearmonger-ers Write the Darnedest Things

File this under "Not a Surprise": There's an opinion article at the Fox News website (where fearmonger-ers get their news, of course!) entitled "Why the Obama Administration Will Implode In Weeks." (Google it, 'cause I ain't linkin' to it!) The likely purpose of this opinion piece is to rally the unthinking dittoheads of America, and a quick skim through the comments section confirms my suspicion.

It seems that the fearmongering partisans want the current administration to fail because, by many accounts, the previous administration (the one that virtually all of the fearmonger-ers supported) failed. I don't know why they want to continue this divisive cycle. They must realize whatever the Bush Administration did has been done. It was an epic fail, and we are still in the midst of the consequences, but that administration is in the past. This is now. This. Is. NOW. From our mortal point-of-view, the future is still unwritten. New decisions must be made, and the potential for SUCCESS is always a present possibility. (Arguably, all of time has already been written, but that fact is irrelevant to those who live in the now and perceive free will.) Why anyone would want OUR IMMEDIATE FUTURE to be a failure is just sad. Sad. All right, I must have sidetracked into a metaphysical, philosophical tangent here. Moving forward...

Here are my messages to the major parties involved:

1. Democrats - please be on the same page, especially when it comes to health care reform. Thanks.

2. Thinking, educated, fiscal conservatives - please get louder with any real, positive, alternative solutions. The fearmonger-ers profess to be on your side of the debate, but we all know they're ultimately on no one's side. They are not for resolving the debate. They do not this country to move forward. They're just angry. Unfortunately, it's hard to find some decent alternative solutions on the Web or in broadcast media. Possible alternative solutions are usually drowned by a mass of fearmongering buzzwords that detract from potentially good content. I oppose you in this debate, but I support your right to respectfully dissent.

3. To the fearmonger-ers - (1) I'm going to remove the hyphen so my epithet to you will read "fearmongerers" from now on; (2) no one's going to take away your right to nonviolently express your fear, anger, and hatred because that's the double-edged sword of freedom; but (3) please play as quietly as possible while the adults discuss and debate important stuff. Please, and thank you.

It's a shame that these fearmongerers are neither strawmen nor bogeymen of my own creation. Internet searches for "birthers," "deathers," and the loudest voices against President Obama show that these fearmongerers are a part of this modern-day American political landscape...and that makes me a sad panda.

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