Friday, August 21, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #99: Losing Perspective of Time and Being Fated to Choose Free Will

It's Friday! For many it is the end of their week, but for me, it feels like the end of a very long day. What if our perception of time changed, so that -

One real minute feels like one perceived second;
One real hour feels like one perceived minute;
One real day feels like one perceived hour;
One real week feels like one perceived day (as I had mentioned previously);
One real month feels like one perceived week;
One real year feels like one perceived month;
One real decade feels like one perceived year;
And so on, and so forth?

If our perception of time changed in this manner, would we have more or less (or the same!) time to do the things we want to do, or more importantly, the things we are supposed to do?

Of course, no matter what you choose to do, that is what you're supposed to do in the grand scheme of time. At least that's my opinion in the matter. However, it is good to maintain, nourish, and encourage the perception of free will, in that you feel that you have control over your destiny. To have the freedom of choice is a good fate to endure. There are few worse fates than being a defeatist, because that means that you were meant to be indifferent all along! So believe in your own free will, and encourage others to believe in theirs, so that maybe in the grand scheme of things, you (and others) were meant to be in control of your own life.

With apologies to the band Rush (and their video I embedded a few days ago), I will choose free will because, paradoxically, I was supposed to choose it. It may not be a paradox after all, since free will is a subjective perception, and fate/destiny/determinism is objectively part of the big picture. Possibly fate is the big picture, in at least the first four dimensions of the Universe.

I will neither confirm nor deny a fifth or higher dimension, at least for now.

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