Saturday, August 15, 2009

Waiting for 2010 #93: Faint Zombie Sounds in Stereo

LibriVox 4th Anniversary In Stereo by Ryan DeRamos
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lv4stereo.mp3 (7269 KB)

Five days ago, LibriVox celebrated its fourth anniversary and released a community podcast to commemorate the occasion. Embedded above is the stereo mix of my contribution to the worldwide celebration of LibriVox volunteers (since LibriVox usually deals with mono audio). It's not much different than the mono mix: My voice is slightly to the left, the guest speaker's voice is slightly to the right, and the zombie noises are panned here and there. The audio still clips at times due to my hurried use of a compressor and EQ in mixing, and a limiter during mastering. In any case, just download the entire 50-minute program, filled with heartfelt - whether serious or silly - messages by my fellow volunteers.

By the way, the LibriVox catalogue database includes my slowly-growing, public domain, audiobook discography. I am slowly learning that my decade-plus experience in multitrack music production (in other words: an oftentimes slow recording/editing/mixing/mastering process) actually hinders an effective LibriVox experience (in other words: recording/editing/mastering/uploading longer works as cleanly and as quickly as possible). There are volumes and volumes of the written word in the public domain, and we're trying to produce audiobooks for as many of them as possible.

I've probably written this before about LibriVox: If you like to read out loud and/or you enjoy listening to audiobooks, please consider volunteering some of your time as either a reader or a proof-listener (or both). LibriVox is one of the last flamewar-free, and tyranny-free, environments on the Internet. This is remarkable, due to the fact that our volunteers are diverse in virtually every way possible: Region, dialect, accent, language, nationality, culture, gender, age, vocation, religion, political ideology, computer platform, etc. The LibriVox forum's prime directive of "Be nice" essentially prevents our volunteers from sullying themselves with squabbles over trivial (but significant elsewhere!) differences. The rare and anomalous appearance of a Web-troll is usually handled with effective kindness. Besides, all of our volunteers are united in the task of producing public domain audiobook gifts to the world (at least for those who can understand human language), and possibly to the universe (if we can only figure out how to broadcast beyond the stars!).

In other words, it's Utopia.

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